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You want to have 12 Thai food trucks at your event? Go for it.  A petting zoo?  Bring all the bunnies.  Whatever your dream event is, we are more than happy to help make it a reality.

We offer a little something for everyone. We have an abundance of flexibility for large and small groups and are geared toward accommodating all budget types. We do not require our clients to use a specific vendor for any event. We believe that this is your event and we want your personalities to shine!

Have we seen a few hundred weddings? Yes. If you ask us our thoughts on having cereal for dinner at your wedding - are we going to let you know our suggestion? Yes.  Need help finding the right vendors? We'll help! There are many options for you to tailor your event to your wants and needs. We want you to have the option to make your event as lavish or as intimate as you would like!

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